Start: 10:00 AM at the main entrance prater vienna - map
    Finish: Bratislava Club Dunaj - map

    • You have to use a helmet
    • SSP, FIXED GEAR or geared bikes (there has to be one SSP bike in every team!)
    • You ride on your own risk 

    write us an e-mail with the following content:
    Name rider #1:
    Name rider #2:

    It is called race, but you don´t have to go fast, the prices wont be given to the first riders in Bratislava.

    There is a group of riders from Bratislava going from Petrzalka station Saturday 8:30am. Join them if you don’t know how to get to the start.

    The weather forecast looks great, so the route will follow the Danube river. There will be a car which carries your luggae if you want to stay in bratislava for the night or just have some dry clothes.

    At the last checkpoint you will be able to store your bike and get drinks and vegetarian food.

    The post-race party is in the club Dunaj in Bratislava - there will be a goldsprint as well. If you want to stay in Bratislava for the night check out a hostel by yourself or find someone on facebook.

    Last train to Vienna: 22:42 (from Bratislava hl.st.) or 04:24 (from Bratislava Petrzalka).




    • Kon-Dom/ Kon-four, Ran-dom
    • fixiefoxie/ Jolo, Brko
    • UnicornOne/ Gernot, Max
    • Limbaturist/ Alexander Stofanik, Karol Krska
    • Robert
    • Politin/ Philo, f-resch, Gepardi
    • SLOMO/ Neza, Gergo
    • Paddyroyal/ Öcsi, Levi
    • Brno Kolo Polo/ Tomáš Richter, Boris Hladil
    • Elektrostahl/ Fabjan Sutter, Pumuckl
    • noguchi/ Chewie, Soulvlaki
    • 4shizzlemaybetandemnizzle/ Johnny Aitsch, cKa
    • Space Boars/ Zem, Tom
    • RC Pottendorf/ Reinprecht Georg
    • VC Sonntagsfahrer/ Tristan Svart, Urban Lang
    • Punk Express/ Salo, Smrtak
    • Frankatúra/ Tamás Móré, Ferenc Agócs
    • Bamboozle/ Bach Pedler
    • Blindtext/ Tobias Maltan
    • HAOF/ Georg Lora, Samuel Netocny, Tomas Kozelsky
    • fesTTka/ Kuco, Maruska, Lukas, Kubo, Marsi, Ponik, Šteklivá, Peco
    • Satzberg Crew/ Burger, Oliver, Lexote
    • M&M/ Martin, Marian
    • team tu/ Ugis, Johannes
    • CYKLOKUCHYNA/ Bikekitchen Bratislava Members
    • FBB/ Jura JST, Pepek
    • Fitschipfeile/ Jakob, Konni, Paul
    • Fixed Beer Brno/ Jura “JSt” Stencl, Josef Krob
    • Cyklokoalicia/ Jan Hefty
    • The Flying Crank Brother/ Wolf

    The Slovakia Experiment 2013 is over and it was awesome, as every year. The goal was the same, stand up early, don’t mind the weather and the bad tarmac, follow the checkpoints, reach Bratislava the same day and enjoy cheap drinks.

    A lot of rider, especially from Slovakia showed up. The weather was, lets say humid and challenging. The checkpoints quiet easy to find, four riders also accomplished the new “Chuck Norris Bridge” for extra points. This route (strava) is a suggestion for everyone looking for a variety.

    Club Dunaj was the final meeting point, in the center of Bratislava you find a great atmosphere, a nice view, cheap beer and relaxed people.

    Thanks to our sponsors every participant received a little present.

    As usual the after-party was much harder than the main event. Guys from Budapest brought their Goldsprint bikes and the host made “The Goldspritz Party” a unique happening.

    Next Exit Freedom Boulevard
    Johanna Rentielfoh
    Jura JSt Stencl
    Royal Fixi Club